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  • DLReady Certification Awarded for Synergy 2 and Synergy HT Multi-Detection Microplate Readers
    November 2, 2006
    BioTek Instruments has received DLReady™ certification for dual-luciferase assays on both the Synergy™ 2 and Synergy™ HT multi-detection microplate readers. Awarded by Promega Corporation, this certification validates an instrument to the highest performance levels and standards for the Dual-Luciferase® Reporter (DLR™) Assay System, which is one of the most common luminescence-based assays for measuring gene transcription and control in microplate format.
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  • Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering Honors BioTek Instruments, Inc. President with Prestigious Appointment
    September 22, 2006
    On September 19th, 2006, the Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering (VASE) formally inducted Briar Alpert, President, BioTek Instruments, Inc., to full membership. The Academy was established in 1996 as a non-profit society of distinguished scientific and engineering scholars and practitioners that are committed to the furtherance of science and technology. The Academy, patterned after the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), is dedicated to recognizing outstanding achievement, educating and promoting discourse, and providing expert and impartial advice within scientific and engineering disciplines throughout the State of Vermont. This prestigious lifetime appointment represents the highest recognition for contributions to science and engineering in the State.
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  • BioTek Instruments, Inc. Delivers Support through Interactive Program
    September 7, 2006
    BioTek Instruments, Inc. has produced a comprehensive in-house educational and trial research program for its automated microplate technology systems. Qualified customers are introduced to the Winooski, VT facility with a brief plant tour including manufacturing and quality system areas. A large portion of the visit is dedicated to technical discussion and hands-on operation in a fully staffed applications laboratory that is tailored to the customer’s unique research. BioTek staff scientists collaborate with the customer directly on a range of large automated microplate systems and peripheral equipment, including the functional span of features, process validation, and software capacity.
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  • BioTek Instruments, Inc. Continues Fiscal Growth Trend
    July 20, 2006
    At the recent close of their fiscal quarter, BioTek Instruments, Inc., a leader in microplate instrumentation technology, has entered into an unprecedented legacy of success encompassing the past sixteen quarters. During this period, the Company reports that their business has nearly doubled, and they continue to significantly outpace the market, with a growth rate of 15-20% per year, compared to the market average growth rate of 6-7% per year.
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  • BioTek Instruments, Inc. to Present at Drug Discovery Technology & Development World Congress
    July 12, 2006
    BioTek Instruments, a leader in microplate instrumentation technology, is introducing its latest innovations in microplate solutions at the 11th annual Drug Discovery Technology & Development World Congress, August 7-10, 2006 in Boston, Massachusetts.
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  • BioTek Instruments, Inc. Founder Honored at IMEC Conference
    June 6, 2006
    The 6th International Muscle Energetics Conference will honor the late Dr. Norman Alpert through “The Norman Alpert Memorial Lecture,” as the opening address of the five-day conference beginning July 22, 2006 in Banff, Canada. “Cardiac muscle research was a significant pursuit for Norman,” commented Dr. Michael Walsh, IMEC Committee Chairman. “He played an integral role in initiating and developing the IMEC conference as a forum for education and information exchange with other muscle specialists; we are honored to pay tribute to his personal and professional contributions.”
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  • BioTek Instruments, Inc. Introduces the Synergy™ 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader
    June 1, 2006
    BioTek Instruments Inc., announced today the launch of the Synergy™ 2 Multi-Detection Microplate Reader. Based on the popular Synergy™ HT, the Synergy 2 is a five-mode microplate reader designed for the life science research and drug discovery markets. This new detection system will provide researchers with an unprecedented level of cost-effectiveness, and a very high level of performance in a compact and modular instrument.
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  • NanoQuot™ Microplate Dispenser
    January 16, 2006
    BioTek Instruments, Inc. introduces the NanoQuot™ Microplate Dispenser, an affordable low volume liquid dispensing solution for the life science research and drug discovery markets. Sub-microliter dispensing offers scientists increased assay throughput and lower reagent expenses. The NanoQuot dispenses these volumes down to 0.1 microliters precisely and accurately into 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates.
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  • BioTek Launches New Corporate Identity
    January 3, 2006
    BioTek Instruments unveiled a new corporate identity campaign including a logo and tag line intended to better convey the company’s key values and personality. Get a Better Reaction . . . From BioTek.
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