Checkpoint Inhibitor and Cytokine Secretion Assays

Two of the top revenue generating drugs on the market involve immune checkpoint inhibition for cancer treatment (Opdivo (Bristol Myers Squibb), Keytruda (Merck), total 2018 revenue $15B).  The mechanism of action of these drugs is to block the binding of PD-L1 expressed on tumor cells to the PD-1 receptor of T cells, which shields the cancer from an immune response. Thus the T cell is able to recognize the tumor for what it is and initiate the immune response. This response involves the recruitment of immune cells to the tumor site and the release of a wide variety of cytokines to control the response.

There are a wide range of immunoassay technologies and kits for the quantification of these markers from serum or blood plasma. These include the standard ELISA platforms, including more recent technologies for rapid screening using “mix and read” workflows and classical ELISpot assays. BioTek provides microplate readers and washers that can be used for a broad range of sample throughput.


Application Notes