Cellular Host Response

Cellular Host Response

Cellular Tropism

Determining the types of host cells that are permissible to viral infection can be key to understanding the disease process and host response. BioTek Imaging and Microscopy instruments allow detection of viral infection or host receptor expression by a variety of techniques.  

  • Cellular tropism in vitro
  • Host receptor expression on cells and tissues


Cellular Immune Response

Using a variety of reporter lines and immunolabeling techniques, we can delineate the host immune response to infection.  BioTek Detection instruments can quantify responses from reporter cell lines, while BioTek Imaging instruments can capture and analyze the cellular response to infection.

  • Type I IFN response
  • TLR reporter cell lines
  • Expression and distribution of cell surface markers


Soluble Immune Response

Deciphering the soluble immune response during infection in vitro can define the cell-specific responses and inflammation throughout the course of disease.  BioTek Detection and Liquid Handling instrumentation can automate portions of the immunoassay process.

  • ELISA for cytokines/chemokines
  • Luminex for multiplex detection of response


Cell Death Detection and Modality

Quantification and dissection of cell death mechanisms during infectious disease can provide key insight into the immune and pathological processes of infection. BioTek Imaging and Detection instruments can quantify cell death and be used to discriminate the modality and mechanism.  

  • Quantification of apoptosis
  • Caspase 3/7 assay
  • AnnexinV/TUNEL
  • Quantification of non-apoptotic death
  • Cell permeability markers
  • LDH Assay


Accelerate your Research

BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System


Synergy Neo 2

Live cell drug screening in BioSpa multi-plate imaging system


  • Brightfield, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence imaging offers amazing imaging application versatility on a single platform
  • 1.25x to 60x magnification captures the level of detail you need, from whole well montage to intracellular detail
  • Integrated temperature and CO2/O2 control, plus humidity monitoring support live cell assays
  • 6 objectives on an automated turret provides effortless image capture at various magnifications
  • Z-stacking and z-projection, plus z-stacked montage are powerful capture and processing tools to get vital information from 3D biology
  • Patented laser autofocus provides increased reproducibility, while decreasing phototoxic and photobleaching effects
  • Advanced cell-level analysis like nuclear and cytoplasmic masking define critical, information-rich regions of interest
  • Automated washing, reagent dispensing and media replacement are easy add-ons, bringing efficiency to critical cell sample prep and maintenance throughout the entire workflow
  • The BioSpa Live Cell Analysis System easily fits inside commercially available containment enclosures and biosafety cabinets


405 TS Washer


Automate cell fixation and staining workflows with automated cell washers


  • Fast 96- and 384-well plate washing
  • Cell-friendly design for high quality results
  • Automate magnetic and filtration bead-based assays
  • Self-maintaining design with patented ultrasonic bath
  • Automated self-testing Verify Technology Option

405 TS




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