BioTek customer statement on COVID-19 coronavirus

At BioTek, supporting our customers is a key priority and we are hard at work to avoid disruptions, while at the same time acting responsibly to do what we can to prevent further spread. We have put measures and precautions in place to keep our customers and employees safe while continuing to serve the scientific community. Our sales and service teams are actively assisting customers remotely using virtual tools and technologies to minimize in person visits. We know BioTek’s customer support is something you value and is essential to your research. We are committed to supporting you in any capacity we can, safely. In addition, our manufacturing facility is operating at normal capacity and we continue to innovate and develop new products.

We would like to thank all of you who are diligently working on the front lines as we, a global community, fight this virus and search for a cure and vaccine. Medical research is working hard to find effective therapeutics such as antiviral drugs including vaccines, peptide inhibitors, nucleoside analogues and monoclonal antibodies or in vitro assays for testing. BioTek offers many microplate based instruments for imaging, detection and liquid handling that accelerate the processing of thousands of samples, including bulk dispense of PCR master mix. Contact us to discuss whether these solutions can aid in your research and know that budgetary or shipping concerns can be mitigated during this important time. We will do everything possible to meet your needs and expedite high-need shipments. We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

We continue to closely monitor and assess the evolving situation and will be diligent about communicating with affected customers regarding shipment timing or other issues resulting from this situation.


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