General Virology Applications


Viral Growth/Titration

Viral titration assays allow quantification of virus concentration and production and isolation of purified virus. BioTek Imaging and Microscopy instruments with Gen5 Image Analysis Software automate viral growth and titration assays.


Viral Replication Kinetics

Viral replication and growth kinetics provide key information for understanding virus-host interactions. BioTek Imaging and Microscopy instruments and Automation accessories provide live cell imaging and analysis capabilities.

  • Viral growth kinetics
  • Subcellular localization during virus lifecycle
  • Replication complexes


Viral Detection

For both basic research and clinical applications, the ability to quickly detect virus in a sample is key to any virology pipeline. With BioTek Imaging and Detection instruments, virus can be detected using a variety of methods, while BioTek Liquid Handlers and Stackers increase assay efficiency and throughput.  

  • Rapid ELISA screen
  • Fluorescent detection of immunolabed/reporter strains
  • Screening antibodies for viral detection


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Accelerate your Research

Cytation 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader


Cytation 7

Fast widefield imaging system for viral plaque assays


  • Multi-mode plate reader with sophisticated imaging
  • Comprehensive Imaging Solution
  • Hit-picking: Multi-mode detection + imaging saves time and data storage
  • ELISpot Imaging
  • Powerful functionality with ROI identification feature
  • Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity
  • Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate



EL406 Washer Dispenser


Automate viral antigen and antibody ELISA with EL406 and Stacker


  • Combines fast microplate washing with 3 reagent dispensers in 1 compact instrument
  • 96-, 384- and 1536-well plate compatible
  • Gentle processing for cell-based assays
  • Bead washing: magnetic and polystyrene
  • Easy maintenance with Ultrasonic Advantage™
  • Automatically process up to 50 plates with BioStack™






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