Therapeutic Development

Therapeutic DevelopmentVaccine Development

During vaccine development, it is important to elucidate the responses of lymphocytes both in vitro and in vivo. BioTek Imaging instruments and Automation platforms can be used to quantify many facets of the lymphocyte response throughout the vaccine development pipeline.

  • ELISpot
  • T Cell Activation
  • T Cell/B Cell Proliferation
  • T Cell Exhaustion Studies
  • CTL Activity

Humoral Response

For many infection models, viral neutralization and host protection can be delivered by engineered antibodies or antibodies found in serum samples.  BioTek Imaging and Detection instrumentation can be used to screen antibody libraries for viral binding and inhibition.

  • Serum and antibody screening
  • Microneutralization assay

Antivirals/Small Molecules

For any therapeutic development, it is critical to be able to quickly and efficiently screen large libraries of compounds.  BioTek Imaging and Detection instruments, combined with our Automation platforms, can provide fully-automated rapid screening capabilities and high content data analysis.

  • High-content screens



Accelerate your Research

Synergy Neo2 Hybrid Multi-Mode Reader


Synergy Neo 2

High throughput plate reader for antiviral drug discovery assays


  • Patented Hybrid Technology with independent filter and monochromator-based optics
  • Ultra-fast plate processing speeds with multiple PMT detectors
  • Two lasers: laser for TRF, TR-FRET and laser-based Alpha detection
  • Variable bandwidth scientific quad monochromators for optimal sensitivity and flexibility
  • Controlled environment and direct bottom detection for live cell assays
  • Gen5 software for complete control and automation and LIMS integration into automation and LIMS


Cytation 7 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader


ELISpot reader to detect immune response for vaccine development


  • Multi-mode plate reader with sophisticated imaging
  • Comprehensive Imaging Solution
  • Hit-picking: Multi-mode detection + imaging saves time and data storage
  • ELISpot Imaging
  • Powerful functionality with ROI identification feature
  • Variable bandwidth for sensitivity and specificity
  • Micro-volume analysis with Take3 plate



Cytation 7



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