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Gen5 Installation Qualification Package - IQ

Artikelnummer: 5320500
Preis: $395    (Die Lokalen Preise können variieren)

Zur Verwendung mit: Gen5 für Imaging, Gen5

Each Product Qualification Package comes on USB flash drive with these contents:
  • Detailed Required Material List
  • Installation Qualification Procedure and Checklist

The Absorbance Test Plate (p/n 7260522) is required in order to run some procedures specified for absorbance and multi-mode readers, but is not included and must be ordered separately.


Please Note: BioTek's Product Qualification Packages include thorough procedures to allow a user to perform Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification. Periodic maintenance procedures are also included to assist in maintaining the instruments for optimal performance. The Product Qualification Packages contain only documentation and Procedures. Note: Many of these procedures require the use of QC Test Solutions or other accessories, but these are not included with the Product Qualification Packages.

The Gen5™  IQ package contains BioTek's recommended Installation Qualification procedure. The procedure provides instructions for confirming that the Gen5 software has been supplied as ordered and ensures that the software is installed and configured properly for your laboratory environment. The procedure includes an “IQ Checklist” for recording that the IQ tasks were performed.

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