product design

Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer


UV-Vis wavelength selection in 2 µL micro-volume samples, cuvettes and 6- to 384-well plates

Epoch 2
With a wavelength range of 200 nm to 999 nm, there aren’t many absorbance protocols that Epoch 2 can’t handle.


Color touchscreen with available WiFi, Bluetooth and flash drive connectivity

Touch screen
Epoch 2 has a built-in 10” touchscreen computer with functionality you’d expect, making it a complete workstation without requiring an external pc.


Full Gen5™ data analysis onboard or PC for all read modes

   Full Gen5™ data analysis onboard or PC for all read modes
There’s no comprise in software functionality with Epoch 2 – BioTek’s complete Gen5 software is conveniently available onboard, with unlimited functionality.

Advanced incubator design to 65 °C and new Condensation Control™

Advanced incubator design
Some important applications like biofuels research and food & beverage safety and quality call for higher incubation temperatures than typically expected. Epoch 2 can meet these assay requirements. Kinetic assays are optimized with Condensation Control to prevent interference caused by condensation on plate lids.

Advanced shaking profiles including linear, orbital and double orbital

100 mW Alpha Laser
With three shaking profiles, including programmable frequency and duration, Epoch 2 can manage assays that require very gentle shaking, like some cell-based protocols or intense, vigorous shaking such as yeast or bacterial growth assays


The ODEasy app for Epoch 2 has a simple, touchscreen-friendly interface for quick absorbance measurements. Data is displayed, ready for printing or exporting

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