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FLx800 Fluorescence Reader

FLx800™ Fluorescence Reader combines excellent specifications and performance in a compact footprint. Gen5™ Software controls the FLx800 for complete data acquisition and analysis, and you’ll find both the hardware and software easy to use for a variety of applications, including fluorescence intensity and luminescence detection. An optional external dispenser module allows you to run applications such as ion channel assays and flash luminescence assays (e.g. luciferase, ATP) for great versatility at a much lower cost than comparable systems.
  • Cost-effective, filter-based fluorescence and luminescence
  • 6- to 384-well microplate compatible
  • Available incubation for temperature-sensitive assays



The FLx800 offers great sensitivity for many fluorescence methods; available temperature control and reagent injector expands the applications range.
These are just a few examples of the many important applications for FLx800. Visit our Applications page to see more.