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product design

BioSpa Live Cell Imaging System



Mikroplattenformate 6- to 1536-well standard height microplates, with or without lids.
Plate height range: 7.6 mm to 25.4 mm
weitere Laborartikel Cell culture dishes (60 mm and 35 mm), T25 flasks
Lidded plate handling Robotic arm moves plate to and from BioSpa 8 and connected instrument; handles de-lidding and re-lidding plates.
Microplate capacity Up to 8 microplates (or other labware)
Air filter User-replaceable HEPA filter
Compatible instruments Cytation 5, Cytation 3, Cytation 1, Synergy Neo2, Synergy H1, Epoch 2, EL406, 405 TS, 405 LS, MultiFlo FX, MultiFlo
Temperaturkontrolle Range: to 45 °C
Control resolution: 0.1 °C
Uniformity + 0.5 °C at 37 °C
Software BioSpa Automated Incubator Software:

Provides programming interface for BioTek detection and liquid handling devices
Allows user notification (text or email) of events and/or errors in the system
Provides control, monitoring and logging of:
    incubator temperature
Provides humidity level monitoring and logging
Allows uninterrupted runs lasting days or weeks
BioSpa Session mode for all imaging, detection and liquid handling operations
BioSpa OnDemand mode for simplified, intuitive imaging- or detection-only workflows for single or multiple users
CO 2 und O 2 -Kontrolle (optional) Range: 0 - 20% (CO2); 1 - 19% (O2)
Control Resolution: +0.1% (CO2 and O2)
Stability: +0.2% at 5% CO2+0.2% at 1% O2
Humidity control rH: 80 to 95% (lidded plates and 5% CO2)
Source: Removable water pan
Water level sensor: Low water level alert


Imaging-Methode Fluorescence, brightfield, high contrast brightfield, color brightfield and phase contrast
Bildgebendes Verfahren Single color, multi-color, montage, time lapse, z-stacking
Bildprozessierung Z-projection, digital phase contrast, stitching
Kamera 16-bit gray scale, Sony CCD, 1.25 megapixel. 0.3 µm/pixel at 20x
Objektiv-Kapazität 6 user-replaceable objectives
erhältliche Objektive 1.25x, 2.5x, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x
Phasenkontrast-Objektive erhältlich 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
Filtercubes-Kapazität 4 user-replaceable fluorescence cubes plus brightfield channel
verfügbare Imaging Filtercubes DAPI, CFP, GFP, YFP, RFP, Texas Red, CY5, CY7,Acridine Orange (ACR OR), CFP-YFP FRET, propidium,Iodide, chlorophyll, phycoerythrin, CY5.5, TagBFP, Alexa568, Ex377 / Em647
erhältliche Imaging LED Cubes 365 nm, 390 nm, 465 nm, 505 nm, 523 nm, 590 nm, 623 nm, 655 nm, 740 nm
Automatisierte Funktionen User-trained autofocus, autofocus, autoexposure, auto-LED intensity
Autofokus Methode Image-based autofocus
User-trained autofocus
Laser autofocus (option)
Liquid handling See the individual product pages at EL406, MultiFlo FX and 405 TS
Specifications are subject to change. Performance values represent the average observed factory test values.