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MultiFlo FX Multi-Mode Dispenser

MultiFlo™ FX is an automated reagent dispenser for 6- to 1536-well microplates. Its unique Parallel Dispense™ technology allows up to four independent reagents to be dispensed in parallel without potential carryover. What makes MultiFlo FX “multi-mode” is its configurability: you can add a wash module or the RAD™ module, for random access individual well dispensing and bulk dispensing larger wells. Everything you need for fast, intuitive programming and operation is available through the color touchscreen. MultiFlo FX configured with either the wash module or RAD technology replaces up to five liquid handlers in a single compact platform.



This compact, versatile dispenser enables a wide variety of applications for benchtop and integrated automation workflows.
  • Bulk reagent dispensing
  • Cell seeding
  • Cell washing /media exchange
  • ELISA automation
  • Bead washing

Plate map for drug addition
Plate map for drug addition in 8 channels with MultiFlo FX

The configurable MultiFlo FX
The configurable MultiFlo FX: 4 reagent dispensers and washer

These are just a few examples of the many important applications for MultiFlo FX. Visit our Applications page to see more.