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Cytation 1 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader


Affordable, patented, quantitative digital microscopy and optional multi-mode microplate detection

Collect both phenotypic data and quantitative data
Collect both phenotypic data and quantitative data from one instrument. Image and data analysis are provided with Gen5 software for all applications.


Augmented Microscopy™ using Gen5 software: image capture to quantitative publication ready data.

Augmented Microscopy™ using Gen5 software
Gen5 software takes you automatically through the steps typically performed in microscopy: capture > process > analyze > publish.
The interface is logical and user-friendly, so your imaging workflows can be up and running without extensive training.


Fluorescence and high contrast brightfield imaging

The powerful imaging module in Cytation 1
The powerful imaging module in Cytation 1 offers four color channels plus brightfield, from 1.25x for imaging larger samples to 60x for intracellular details. More than 15 filter/LED cubes are available, supporting a broad range of imaging applications.


Affordable automation

Affordable automation
Cytation 1 has an automated XY stage, autofocus, auto exposure and auto LED intensity for efficient capture of high quality images. The automated features in Cytation 1 and Gen5 make it easy for you to find the region of interest, then quickly find the best settings to capture the images. Gen5 software is simple to use, without extensive training.


Cell friendly design

Cell friendly design
Live cell assays require an optimal environment. Cytation 1 has temperature control and shaking, plus CO2 / O2 control, to facilitate longer-term kinetic studies.


High performance and convenience

High performance and convenience
To optimize multi-mode detection, Cytation 1 has high performance filters for fluorescence and monochromator-based UV-Vis absorbance for convenient wavelength selection in 1 nm increments.