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Service & Support

Our teams are committed to providing the service and support you need to sustain the optimal performance of your BioTek Products.  BioTek Scientists, Engineers, Technicians and Sales Representatives throughout the world provide valuable assistance to laboratories worldwide.


Global Technical Support Center

BioTek Service Engineers provide personal support for instrumentation, software, parts and applications at our Global Technical Support Center. Since our center is at the BioTek World Headquarters our highly skilled team of scientists, technicians and engineers are able to support any customer question. Online support documentation is available through the Customer Resource Center or by searching our FAQs.

Global Service

BioTek Instrument Service and Repair is available worldwide at several of BioTek’s International Service Centers. Find your closest BioTek Service Center location and discover the instrument warranty/contract coverage, maintenance options and calibration services available.

BioTek Field Service is available for most customers throughout the world. Contact your BioTek Service Center to discuss field service options.

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Check our list of Frequently Asked Questions for quick online help.


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